Village P. Takkellapadu

August 13, 2013 in Missionary Stories by CI Admin

It’s hot. India is starting to rain more often and the scorching sun makes the ground steam. Our trip is short and it takes no time to get to the village. As I start walking through this place, I notice how many temples there are. There seems to be 1 temple for every 150 meters of a soaking walk. As I look at these dusty paint chipped buildings I can hear prayers echoing from speakers throughout the village. I’m not sure if they are Hindu prayers, or Christian prayers off in the distance. It’s hard to tell, but eventually you tune these things out with the prayers and thoughts going on in your head.

We finally arrive to the end of the road to meet Pastor Willium. He welcomes us inside his Church and gives us a warm hello. He is taller than most Indian men, maybe 5’8”? We sit eye level and I ask him to pray for us and we receive a lengthy prayer. I can never understand the language but I can never mistake the Holy Spirit. I give thanks and in no time Pastor Willium begins to tell me his story.

Pastor Willium grew up as a pastors son and growing up he decided to rebel. He was a womanizer and a sharp looking young man who wanted to pursue his independence. As he got older and on his own, he and his brother decided to move to Hyderabad. In the business city of Andhra Pradesh, they worked as construction men building homes. Willium’s brother got married and sometime later his brother’s wife committed suicide. Apparently Willium had been in the house or nearby, knowing that he could be accused of the crime somehow. Terrified of facing 14 years in prison, Willium began to pray to God; asking that God would use him for the rest of His life rather than going to prison. Somehow, he escapes from the sentence and wasn’t convicted.

Shortly after, Willium attends Bible College and later starts a ministry in his village. Since his father was a pastor, Willium worked underneath him for a while. A lot of changes had taken place in that village and many people came to Christ in those 7 years. India Christian Ministries noticed that two pastors were in the same village, so they decided to send Willium’s father to start another ministry on the beach of Ongole.

Taking his father’s place, Willium then focuses on the ministry of youth and children in the village. There are 150 homes in this colony and that totals up to about 600 people. There are only 6 or 7 people who come to that church regularly. That is about 1% of the entire village! He prays that all 600 would look towards Christ and come to faith.

A way that Willium would like people to help his ministry is help him attain worship equipment and a new keyboard. Here in India, music is a pretty big deal. The people love to dance and are attracted to nice music. He then begins to explain to me of how we could help the colony as whole. Pouring out his heart, he tells me that his people depend upon wells and there is no good source of water. Describing to me that a water plant for his village is the large goal! This would cost around 40,000 Rupees, or around 700 U.S. Dollars. If this water plant were built in this village, it would provide a way to raise funds for the church, as well as a dependency upon the Church for a support system of life. Eventually seeing the prosperity of the Christian faith, the people could have some hope.

Pastor Willium has 1 child. She was an excited and sweet kid, and with the length of our interview and the heat of the day, she eventually fell asleep. So I interviewed her dad once more for the ideas of her life.

Comalajoice is 6 years old and attends lower kindergarten. In her spare time she loves to run around the village and play with other kids. Her dream job is to be a doctor and nothing more. As most Indian kids, she loves the story of David and Goliath.

As you begin your Tuesday, take time out of your day to pray for this family that lives in such an oppressing village. How hard it must be to be outnumbered by that many non-Christians. Pray for them to have strength and the right words to advance Gods kingdom. If you would like to donate visit the support link above and give! Take care of these pastors’ families who are guiding these kids to have a better education to make wiser children of God. Take care of the body of Christ my Brothers and Sisters.

God bless you and Thank you.