Village Nutalapadu

August 20, 2013 in Missionary Stories by CI Admin

The world seems to have slowed down and I feel a sense of joy and excitement. I’m sure me being on the back of a motorcycle has nothing to do with it. The air is blowing past us and the road is somewhat empty. Palm trees and cattle. What a beautiful site it is to be out of the city and off riding around in the country. With the fresh air at my expense, I empty out the air in my lungs and I am inhaling the largest amounts of fresh oxygen I can. India doesn’t have much at some points, but this feels like enough.

We eventually arrive to what seems to be a town. The temples start appearing and the children start to pop up. These are always a great indication of a populated area. As we pull into the pastor’s yard a pig runs past us oinking. I imagine this pig is upset that we intruded his area. I hop off the bike and walk over to shake the pastor’s hand. I’m immediately ushered in to begin a lengthy interview with one of God’s chosen men, Pastor Yacob.

            Pastor Yacob was born in the caste of the snake goddess, Lakshmi. Although this caste is believed to follow this Hindu goddess, Yacobs family was Christian. After Yacob had been born, his father then was saved and gave his life to God. In 1987 Yacob had eventually given his life to God as well, becoming saved and redeemed. It was while reading Psalm 1 that he knew he had to follow Jesus. He was then baptized and wanted to work for God for the rest of his life. In 2000 Yacob joined ICM and he wanted to give himself over to the ministry. In that time Yacob worked in several places and God used him to save many souls.

In the beginning of June 2013, Pastor Yacob no longer was a traveling man, but instead he found a building to work at. Yacob mostly poured his time and life into the lost and orphans so it was this building he used to house them in. His most fruitful area seems to be Sunday school. Yacob is a father himself, so it was easy to see his heart pour out for the youth of his Church.

Yacob has many goals, and one of them is to clothe the poor people in the area. Twice a year he would love to give two outfits each time to the people who need them. He is aiming for about 50 people in each donation period which would cost around 4000 rupees to cloth one person out of the entire year (which is about $65).

We continue our interview and I’m told of how much prayer Yacob is in need of. In this Hindu community, no one is willing to give a portion of land to build a church. They are closed off to the gospel and no one cares to hear of the message. In this community there are 8 Castes. In each Caste, including the most respected Caste; a family is coming to the Christian Church. The high Caste is terribly prideful and God is still working his hand and smoothing out the creases in the community. 55 out of 10,000 people are saved in this community.

Closing my interview with Pastor Yacob, I then shake his sons hand and begin to start my interview with him.

Bouyez is 18 years old. He is in his 2nd year in college and is studying to become a high school teacher. He is passionate about the subjects Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Reading books is his favorite thing to do, which comes to no surprise if you enjoy Chemistry or Physics. In his free time he plays Cricket. Bouyez begins to explain his passion for God and what he is thankful for. He tells me that Jesus is the greatest gift from God and when he sings and plays keyboard at church he is able to express that gratitude. He loves the story Noah’s Ark; it’s his favorite because Noah had nothing else but God to depend on. Noah lived in a world that laughed at his choice to build a boat and depend on God. But it was because Noah trusted God that he ended up saving him and his family. It seems as though Bouyez situation is almost similar to Noah’s. Bouyez lives in a community where the Christian faith is frowned upon and Bouyez is the one with the life raft. Bouyez plans to be a High school teacher full time and lead children’s ministry part time. Praise God!!

Pray for Bouyez and his family. How hard it must be to live in such a community as this. Their situation is at its finest when it comes to suffering for the Gospel. Take note my brothers and sisters, and pray for this family’s well-being and blessings. God is doing amazing things and this family’s fruit is in abundance. I believe because of your support that Bouyez will be the “Solomon” to his father Yacob, being “David”. For David never saw the House of God built but it was Solomon who fulfilled that plan. I believe Bouyez will come back and build upon his father’s ministry. Please donate and support, and help be a part of a God working process.

God bless you and thank you.