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Another village and a new God blessed day! I wasn’t able to attend a village the day before because all of the strikes, but today I had the opportunity. This travel consisted of 120 total km, yet it was worth every uncomfortable bump. I had the chance to sit with Samuel and his amazing family. They surprised me by feeding me Buffalo meat, which is not a usual thing at all. I surprised them by giving them some Big League Chew! A completely fair trade and we both parted ways with smiles on our face. This is the story of Samuel Santos Kumar!


Samuel Santos Kumar


Samuel who is 14 years old, attends royal high school as a 10th grader. He enjoys attending school and is doing well! His favorite part of school is doing the homework and studying. For a 10th grade boy that happens to be amazing news- even better news when he mentioned that one day he wants to become a doctor! In his down time when he isn’t doing math problems, he hangs out with his best friend Shahir. He mentioned Shahir is a Muslim and that he shares the gospel and his faith with Shahir as often as he can. Samuel requests that you would pray for his best friend to come to Christ. They play Cricket together and hike the small mountains that surround the village.

Samuel’s faith is well and lately he has had it put upon his heart to take care of the poor. He hopes to one day work as a doctor traveling the world, working as a missionary medic and worship leader. At his fathers church he is the current worship leader and he plays both the keyboard and drums. When service is over, Samuel leads the Sunday School class. No matter what his future, he wants to continue teaching others and sharing the word of God. Samuel asks that you could pray for his studies as well as his fathers pastoral ministry.

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