Village Madulluru

November 4, 2013 in Missionary Stories by CI Admin

Village Madulluru


I woke up this morning feeling a little tired and discouraged. Something just felt a bit weary on the inside of me and I had a village to attend to today. The morning was overcast with some slight rain coming down, and it was doing its best keep me in bed. I couldn’t just go to a village with a dragging energy and attitude; nobody likes that kind of interviewer. So I walked to my living room, knelt in front of the couch, and asked for the Lords strength. For me to receive no credit and only Him to be glorified at the end of this; for our God to move His kingdom forward. I stood up and started my journey by grabbing just a few items: A journal with questions and to keep notes, a cell phone for recording, and a liter of water all stuffed into my bag. My day was relying on me trusting the good works of the Lord. And praise be to him because the day was a blessing!20131101_114127

I got on the back of the motorcycle and headed out to the village. On our way out the driver received a call and he was told that they didn’t have chicken today! They were fasting today and praying for their community till 3. Okay, no problem, we can just go buy the chicken. Getting to the city/village we needed to be at, we stopped off at the chicken shop to purchase a kilo’s worth. Nice, and fresh, and bloody… We bought some coffee and watched him hack away at our future meal. In no time we were back on our way for just another 5 kilometers. The terrain varies from open country to tree tunnels. We pulled off onto the jungle like path that had mud tracks from previous vehicles and I tried to pull my knees in from the shrub. Vegetation poured over onto the path and brushed my legs, reaching to take me captive and into the jungle. We reached the end of the path only to see a Church in the corner with a large field behind it. Strangely, no one was there to greet us this time, only a wide open door.

I slipped my shoes off at the door and stepped into the church, which was actually in service. I guess I had interrupted prayer and luckily I was received with warm smiles. I was welcomed to take a seat at the head of church and I was getting comfy. They wrapped up prayer and worship and the pastor moved our chairs into a circle at the middle of the room. A young boy walked in with a woman clembehind him; she was holding our Limca sodas and the boy took a seat. He was incredibly shy and reserved. Probably the most shy out of all the kids I have met. The circle spoke Telugu for a moment and I handed him a piece of sweet delicious bubble gum. What kid doesn’t like bubble gum? “This is Clementh,” says my translator.

“Shall we begin our interview then?”


    A. Clementh


Clementh was slightly nervous about answering, but I managed to get a little information from him. He is 8 years young and in the 2nd Class at St. J.V.S. Although he was pretty shy anytime he spoke he did a good job at making the room laugh. A young man – if you will – of a few words. Telugu is his favorite subject and he is excelling in school. Although learning is his forte he one day wants to become a police officer. Maybe with his kind of smarts it will lead him to be a detective? Although Clementh doesn’t eat at school he does look forward to coming home and eating chicken, his favorite meal. Clementh enjoys hanging out with his friend Smiley and playing Cricket when he has free time. Clementh definitely enjoys himself and what he has, it’s quite obvious he has the potential to make something great of himself and someday rub off onto others. Please consider sponsoring Clementh for his education and school needs; as well your investment is an investment into his future. Thank you and God bless you!


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