Village Kondepi home to Sujith

October 22, 2013 in Uncategorized by CI Admin

This trip we took a slight different approach from the usual approach. Usually I will attend a village and interview a pastor but because of a change in the schedule we did this trip just a little different!

This week we got the chance to interview A. Sujith who happened to be an amazing kid! Shy and a little nervous but what kid wouldn’t be with a tall American walking into his home? This village was another far trip so it kind of hurt to sit that long, but we made it! We traveled to the beautiful country side filled with trees, and I know you southerners would have fallen in love. The highlight of the trip (besides the interview) was seeing a monkey ride on the back of a cow! It was like the lion king coming alive. Here is Sujith’s story!


Village Kondepi

Sujith has a joy for Christ and knows that his Lord is great and he relies on Christ as his helper. He attends Adasha School and is in love with getting an education! He is soaked into his studies and enjoys learning and sharing his knowledge. Right now in life he has his mind set on being an engineer. With math being his favorite I would say he is on a good track of becoming one!

At Church he plays the conga drums and tambourine. When Sunday school starts Sujith leads his friends in devotions, dance, stories, and worship! When not in church he stays pretty active. Sujith is a healthy kid who runs around the community with his friends of CCH just being a typical boy (another branch of ICM). They play cricket and a game called Carron which requires you to flick rupees in a board that has holes in it. Happy, calm, and laid back, Sujith will be a light for his future generation.

Please pray for his studies and his growth in the Lord. Pray that he will continue to be a leader and help to raise up his brothers. If you want to donate and support Sujith please donate too

Thank you and God bless you!