Village Kandukuru

October 1, 2013 in Missionary Stories, Uncategorized by CI Admin

It’s been a while since we were able to get out into the villages. Due to the strikes, we have been on hold, but we all know that Satan can’t hold back the good works of the Lord. Praise God that we had this opportunity and giving us a full day of adventure. The day started with a 74 mile round trip journey on a motorcycle. The heat was intense and the ride was long. Although this was the case, it couldn’t compete with the joy the Lord had put in the hearts of the driver and I.

We turned off the highway driving down a long road with a tunnel of trees and hanging vines. There were families of monkeys on the roadside and the air smelled of food and flowers. We soon arrived to Pastor Samuel who was sitting on his church steps waiting for us.

Pastor Samuel is head of Covenant Church in the Village Kandukuru. His eldest son’s name is David Raj who is in the 5th class. His youngest son’s name is Soundrya Raj -nickname Pete- who is in the 2nd class. Pastor Samuel was raised Hindu and he grew up in a home of farmers. Unable to attend school, he had to work the fields and forsake an education. His family was incredibly poor and the Indian community frowns upon farmers for being field workers and doing laboring work. One day Samuel was sick and God came to Him in a dream and he received his calling. He then changed his name from Kothaia (which is a Hindu god) to Samuel.

He met James not long after, and received 3 years training at ICM’s Christ College. After he received his training he was promoted to pastor. Samuel then planted his first church in Pandulu in the year 2002, may 21. It increased incredibly fast to 120 members. In 2003 he planted his 2nd church in Anatheasagart and it increased to 60 members. Finally, in 2004 of November, he came to the village of Kandukuru. His 2 boys attend school, one is in English Medium school and the other attends a Telugu school only. He would like both boys to go to E.Medium school, but it cost 20,000 Rupees. Because of the expense only the youngest boy attends.

His community suffers from sanitary issues and a lack of medical supplies. Many of the poor people are sick because of living conditions. Many people need homes and Samuel’s ministry is mostly about tending the needs of the poor. There are many Hindus in the community and people convert to Christianity fairly often. There have been 50 baptized over all time. The pastor and his boys do house visits 1 time a week, praying for healing and inviting people to attend church on Sunday. There are many pregnancies in the community as well, and these women usually approach the church for guidance and prayer. Pastor Samuel has a vision for him to pastor over 3000 members. Every month on the 20th for the whole night the church prays for these things to be answered.

Pastor Samuel’s son seems to take notice of his fathers work and open heart for Gods work. Samuels work hasn’t only set light for the community, but for a boy who is receiving an great education. Soundrya’s response shows where his heart is at.


Soundrya Raj nicknamed Pete, is in 2nd class. Every day after school he looks forward to riding on the back of his father’s motorcycle. For fun he plays cricket and his favorite meal after a hard day of playing and schooling is eating apples. Soundrya Raj’s best friend is in Hyderabad so his brother has taken the role as being the best friend of this sweet shy kid. When he grows up, he wants to be a pastor like his father. He admires King David, and his favorite story is David and Goliath. At the moment his current role and involvement in the church is playing the Kongo drums.

Because of God’s provision, he has blessed Samuel’s ministry and this has rubbed off on his son. The support you give to Soundrya Raj for schooling gives him the potential to be a far better pastor than his father was. Support him and bless his current state and opportunities for his future! Help this ministry by blessing Soundrya. Please pray for this child and support him today!

God bless you and thank you!