The end of the road

December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized by CI Admin

My time here in India has come to an end, and my 6 month journey has passed before my eyes. I have been doing my best to soak up all of the beautiful and wonderful things India has to offer. I’m thankful for the opportunities ICM has permitted me and it’s been a blessing to serve the community. I always enjoyed going to the villages and being ushered to sit, or passed a plate of hot rice cooked with homemade love. To think, I was an American 6 months ago sitting at home as you all are right now, and now I have journeyed places in the middle of no where with people who can hardly speak any English. I advise you to pray about missions! To be expanded and for God to show you things you never would have dreamed of. I pray that the next person to take over this job will exceed my work and gain more support, I hope you guys could join with me on that prayer. God bless you all and enjoy this last posting of mine! Thank you!



Village Ammanabrole

For my last trip out to a village, we went to a place a few of our office workers had lived. The pastor I met with was actually the brother of an office worker/friend at ICM. A gentleman and his family attended while we conducted the interview. The church we pulled into sat on a corner lot surrounded by tin and concrete built homes. Just down the way was a large field with a dirt road clothed in trash. The area doesn’t have much wealth but it most certainly has character. I stood on the lawn of this small church, that held around 50 people, and in no time there were about 10 kids asking me my name and where I was from. It can be overwhelming if you allow it, but each time kids surrounded me I would always ask myself, how did Jesus react? Kids loved Jesus and we can only infer that he was the funnest walking jungle gym this earth has seen.

So lets talk about Joe-Babu a little bit. A young kid, who I wouldn’t really say is shy but just that he only spoke when needed. A reserved kid who loved to smile and if you have seen the videos of him on Facebook then you can get an idea of what I mean. I am glad that I got to close out with him and his family -not to mention the amazing chicken curry they prepared. We finished the interview and I hung around for a couple more hours to meet his cousins which attended Govt. school. You could tell the difference in mannerisms and the way they conducted themselves. It would seem as though Joe was getting great guidance at his private school, and the others weren’t getting near the quality of direction. But who knows, maybe Joe was just a small gentleman. Here are the responses of Joe-Babu!



Now usually the children I interview are Sunday School leaders, but Joe-Babu is a bit young so he is just a student. In his class he recently learned about the story of Sampson and the mighty strength Sampson had. When I asked him what his favorite thing about God is, he told me it was Jesus. He loved that Jesus came down to die for us, and to save us all. Joe-Babu really enjoys playing games with kids at school and his village is predominately Hindus. There aren’t many Christians in his area and I think his Christian friends are predominately his family. His best friend is a Hindu and his name is John Wesley. Pray for John and for more Christian friends for him to gather around and attend his Sunday School class.

Joe loves English class and actually wants to move to America one day! He plans on being a Doctor and more than anything he wants a big house. The kid dream of having a big swimming pool and a room full of toys, I imagine. Since Christmas is coming up I asked him if there was anything he asked Santa for this year? His only request was to get some Chocolate and some Clothes.

Joe doesn’t have much, not even a Bicycle, but he was probably the sweetest kid I have met in my trip. They each carry something special, but he indeed might have been my favorite. Pray for Joe and his fathers health, as well as his uncles health who was slightly crippled. If you feel called to give then please visit this link!

Thank you guys for keeping up with the journey and for giving support. For ever pray for these children and always keep them in your thoughts. May they be blessed, and may you be blessed as well. It’s been amazing, God bless you!!