The Beginning (Part 2)

August 9, 2013 in Missionary Stories by CI Admin

After leaving the first village with some confidence finally built up, I was looking forward to seeing the next pastor. Our journey required us to travel 20 Kilometers to the next village. There were no buses so we were required to take an auto packed full of people. These autos are built for 6, and there were 12 of us including the driver. It was a tight squeeze but India is a small country crammed with a billion people. This tight of squeeze is nothing new for them. This trip was more secluded than the last village. It was a long windy road that had mountains covering us on both sides. Beautiful is the only word to describe it and that still sells it short.

After 20 minutes of an auto ride with all of us packed like sardines, we finally arrive. There was a broken gate that was apparently our arrival point. A cross was hanging above the road with flaked white paint and a small boy waiting on his bicycle. We were confused as to if this was our place, or if we were just lost. The boy waves his hand at us and asks of us to follow him. After a few turns we arrive to the Church and Pastor is standing on the steps, waving eagerly. We smiled and made our way to find out about Pastor K. Sudhakar.

The Village Petluru

Pastor K. Sudhakar seats us and hands us each an empty cup. We gracefully say thank you and receive our helping of Sprite as pastor steps out for a moment. We drank our cup full of sprite and we each reflected on the day that was behind us. It’s an amazing experience to see the kids enjoying life and the fruit of the pastors; it’s all such a blessing to see. Pastor Sudhakar apologizes in Telegu and takes a seat and immediately opens us up with prayer. This is the story of Pastor K. Sudhakar:

            Sudhakars birth name before becoming a Christian was Brahma. Brahma in India is a big deal because Brahma is seen as the Creator God. It’s like the head of the body, the name Brahma is the highest respected name for Hindus. So in respect to Sudhakars Christian faith and leaving his past behind, he changes his name. As he begins with the story of changing his name, he continues by revealing his testimony and opening up to us.

            Long before being a pastor, Sudhakar was married and enslaved by alcoholism. He sold alcohol, made alcohol, and of course consumed it. Married and living a village life, Sudhakar eventually is blessed with a daughter. But even his new born baby couldn’t stop him from his tough addiction. One day, Sudhakar took his wife and his new baby down to the river to throw them in. His evil behaviors got so bad that he was prepared to wash his family away from his life. He was stopped by some women in the village and Sudhakar was sat down by his outer family and talked to about the Christian faith. He cursed their words and tried to push that kind of truth out of his heart. Later that night, he had a dream of Isaiah chapter 43 and realized God was calling him to something greater.

            Over the next weeks Sudhakar quit drinking and quit selling alcohol. He was baptized and the next 3 years of his life were dedicated to bible training. After his years of studying he was called to plant a church. 40 people came to Christ by the grace of God!

            In a community such as his, alcohol is everywhere. He hopes for people to come to Christ at a young age because after 20 they don’t care to hear the truth. People usually will work for 4 months, and in their down time of having no job they will just drink.

           The people of Petluru have grown curious of Christianity though. Through Sudhakars ministry many people are being healed and even casting out demons. It’s a common occurrence for pastor’s church to do fasting and prayer days to heal the village.  

           Sudhakar stresses to me that he needs a study program for his community. After 6th grade the kids in the village have to go straight to work. A higher education after elementary is to far of a travel and isn’t possible for this place. Sudhakar desires a study area at church and a prosperous place for the kids to attend.

            Some prayer requests include the salvation of the village. Only 6 percent of the village is Christian (40 out of 600 people). Pray that the people will let go of idols. These people will go as far as to pray to a unique shaped stone they find on the side of the road. More bibles are needed as well.

Pastor Sudhakar has 4 kids. He has 2 daughters who are married and out of the house. His two boys live with him; their names are Bogowandez and Diaka.

Bogowandez is 15 years old and in the 11th grade. His favorite subject is Math and he has a large desire to be an engineer. When I asked him his favorite thing about God he answered by telling me he likes to share the gospel with the youth. The prodigal son is his favorite story and it came to no surprise that an engineer student enjoys reading books in his free time. Bogowandez asks that America would pray for him to grow in the Lord, and that God would fulfill his Almighty plan.

Diaka is a 13 year old boy who attends the 9th grade. His favorite subject in school is physical science. For fun he likes to play cricket and he trails in his brothers steps for the dream of being an engineer. His favorite gift from God is the children’s ministries here in India. His favorite passage of scripture is Psalm 23:1. He asks that you would pray for him and his studies.

Take note of the village your donations have helped! The pastor has helped to save 40 people in this area. Also because of you his children are able to attend high school which shoots them much further than a 6th grade education would! Pray for this family, and that God would continue to do grand works through their village. Please donate to support this family and help to advance them into this Country of unsaved people.

God bless you and thank you.