Jyasri and K. Amulya

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Guntupalli-Ballikuruva Mandal


Kondavapalem-Ballikuruva Mandal

This week we did things a little different to save some funding! Since I, the missionary, am leaving in December  we have decided to up the interviews. Pastor James, the coordinator of ICM met with me and his council was great and well received. The new schedule we decided upon would be Mon., Wed., and Fri. Which happens to work out well because of the rest it gives the translator and I. 120 Km round trip’s will definitely wear you down.


The Fields of Andhra Pradesh

Every week I usually start these blogs out, with telling you guys how beautiful the areas I travel to are. But this time I am being 100% honest when I tell you guys… This was by far the prettiest region I have seen. As you saw from the picture above, the skies during the sunsets were probably just as gorgeous as the open skies of a sunny day, in late November of Andhra Pradesh. I have seen cotton balls being painted across the sky by God’s finger -metaphorically of course – as well as pink and orange ribbons breaking their way through the clouds at dusk. Fields greener than a bucket of green paint itself. As well as your mountainous areas, with small white storks hovering around, standing on the backs of grazing herds of Water Buffalo. These travels have been a huge blessing to my city slicker eyes.

Now before I jump into this blog, I would love to share with you guys something that touched my heart recently. I was listening to a sermon by the gentleman of the name, Gary Haugen. He preached at Passion 2013, which is a massive Christian Conference, and it was over the topic of the current era of slavery. Usually when you hear slavery in a sermon, you receive the context of idols and slavery to sin, which are absolutely just as real. But this kind of slavery was a literal slavery of Sex Trafficking and Forced labor. A slavery that holds 27 million people in bondage as I am typing and as you are breathing. Most of this slavery exists in the Eastern Hemisphere, but most certainly does it exist in India. During his sermon he showed pictures of children and families that look like your average Indian family.

Bible School students, under the teaching of Jyasri

Bible School students, under the teaching of Jyasri

This is all in conclusion to say how grateful I am to get the chance to interview a child who is blessed to be apart of a program that puts them in a private school. These kids have an opportunity to be raised through a Christian organization, and be built to be India’s bright future. They are blessed with an excellent English education, and a life that is blessed so that they can bless other’s in the future. I thank God these girls and boys are put in a position of safety and well being, and you guys help to aid there fruitful situation. Here are the stories of K. Amulya and Jyasri,


Jyasri and her family.

Jyasri and her family.Jyasri


Jyasri is 12 years old and in the 7th grade She is an attendee at hindischeool, which is a great private school in a mountainous region. Jyasri was a sweet girl who held that curious look (the one you see above) most of our interview. She leads bible studies on Sundays and she isn’t bashful when it’s all eyes on her. As we conducted our interview we had at least 14 kids surrounding us, huddling to hear the American, as well as their teacher respond with amazing and loving character. She knows English somewhat well, but Hindi is her favorite. I know, I know… We think our language is the coolest, but her love for Hindi turns out to be a great thing! She plans on becoming a Hindi teacher and traveling state wide to teach. The fact that she will be multilingual, and an educator on language makes her a very respectable person in such an unjustified caste system. She will make a fantastic influence and investor into the next generation. Her health and her families health were good, so her only prayer request is that you pray for her studies and her fathers ministry. Oh, and she also mentioned that Chocolate was her favorite food.



K. Amulya and the family!

K. Amulya

Meet K. Amulya, a 13 year old who is the best friend of Jyasri. Amulya happens to be in the 7th grade as well and attends the same school. Amulya loves to learn about History and would love to one day visit Africa. Her aspirations of being a world traveler also lead her to want to work internationally. Her plan is to be a Hindi teacher also. Amulya is a sunday school teacher and leads the bible study at her father’s church. Recently she just taught her favorite story, David and Goliath, which happens to be a kid favorite! I asked her what her dream is, and she had to think about it for awhile. I have come to conclude that in the Indian culture the kids don’t dream like American kids do. I suppose because opportunity isn’t as abundant here that they don’t “dream” as we do. After thinking for a bit, she told me she would love to be a televised gospel singer! I’ve never heard that one, but I told her that I would ask you guys to pray for her on that. God gives us desires, and what better of a desire than to want to worship and glorify him for a career? I thought that was brilliant to hear. She asks that you pray for her studies and her younger sister who is feeling a bit sick.

Thank you guys for reading and always pray for our inheritance students! They are part of God’s plan for the spreading of the Christian faith through India and I ask that you guys be apart of that plan financially and/or spiritually! If you feel led to give, visit this link here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LZZ8C3Y7TJ3CW

Thank you and God bless you!