Birthday Time!


Today is Keziya’s birthday. She is turning 10 years old. Let’s hear about the how her family celebrates birthdays, Indian style.

 Food: The birthday meal is the main event of the day. Keziya, the birthday girl, has the honor of choosing the menu. She chooses her favorite food, ladyfingers. These are not the cookies you may be familiar with but rather a long, green vegetable that literally looks like a lady’s finger!

 Dessert: Cake is a traditional birthday treat, but unfortunately this year Keziya’s family cannot afford this luxury. Keziya’s father was able to get a few cookies for the family as a simple, but special treat.

KeziyaTraditions: It is typical for the birthday girl to dress up in new clothes. Keziya is fortunate enough this year to have a new dress to wear!  Check out the picture.

 People: Keziya will have a small celebration with just her immediate family. Her friends already wished her a happy birthday at school.

 Gifts: Like many places around the world, it is traditional to give gifts to the birthday girl. Keziya received a few greeting cards from her friends and a new dress from her family.

Now it’s party time in Keziya’s rural Indian village!