About Us

About Us

Covenant Inheritance is a program of India Christian Ministries (ICM), an indigenous ministry located in the State of Andhra Pradesh. ICM is dedicated to church planting and community transformation, working through Covenant Churches in villages, towns, and cities. These churches and the national missionaries who pastor them are the front-lines from which ICM engages in various service activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor in India, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. India Christian Ministries’ purpose is to impact every area of people’s lives in a positive and life changing way.

Covenant Inheritance is designed to bless the children of ICM’s national missionaries. These dedicated families are pioneering works in unreached areas, and they make so many sacrifices. ICM feels that basic medical care, nourishing food, adequate clothing, and access to good education for their children need not be among them. Please join Inheritance in blessing these children whose families have blessed so many.


James and SarahThe Heart Behind Inheritance

The Words of ICM Founder James Rebbavarapu

I’m so grateful to God for the opportunity to get a university education in the United States. But I have not forgotten the days when my mom and dad gave up their jobs to go from village to village to tell people about Jesus. It was truly a “giving up everything to follow Jesus” experience, but it was not fun at all! If some believers gave an offering of some rice and lentils we had food. God took care of us, but everyday was a walk of faith depending on the provision of God. Those were tough days.  I know the hopelessness of having nothing to eat and living in utter poverty. My siblings and I could never go to the good schools in town; we had to attend some of the worst public schools where often no teacher would even bother to show up.

When I see the 2,400 plus families of church planters and their children who work with ICM, I remember my tough childhood. I want to make a difference to help the children of these hard-working native missionaries to be well-nourished and healthy, to go to good schools, to realize their dreams, and to help change the world for Jesus!